Tesla hikes model 3 prices in Europe as Morgan Stanley goes bullish on Tesla’s energy segment


Its been a busy day for Tesla shareholders trying to keep track of their company’s progress. Usually, its just something Musk has said that gets them scrambling to look for more info. But today, they have received news on all fronts. Let’s cover them one by one.

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Model 3 price hike in Europe

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Tesla has raised the price of its Model 3 variant in Germany, Netherlands, and Spain by about 1500 euros. The company had already announced last month that a price hike was imminent. But it was confirmed when Europe slammed tariffs on Chinese made EVs.

Tesla, however, feels its tariffs have been wrongly calculated and has requested a recalculation.

Morgan Stanley bullish on Tesla’s energy storage segment

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Morgan Stanley has revalued Tesla’s energy storage business and raised the valuation of the segment to $50 per share. Accordingly, the price target for Tesla has been moved to $310. The previous estimate for the energy segment stood at $36.

Investors are slowly realizing that Tesla’s energy segment may soon become a major part of its business. Its main products include the Powerwall, a home solar energy storage solution and Megapack, meant for largescale projects.

Despite a slowdown in sales, the company’s stock has had 10 straight sessions of gains.

It’s no wonder that investors are starting to consider the real possibility that Tesla Energy may be worth more than Tesla Auto

Adam Jones, Morgan Stanley.

The reason is simple. With Full Self Driving expected to come later in the year and the energy business booming, Tesla can finally prove that its not just a car company.

Investors have always believed that, but it might be backed by numbers soon. According to Oppenheimer, that’s what investors are waiting for.

…the value of its full-self driving /AI platform is the key to whether shares will continue moving higher or begin to moderate again.

Musk successfully dismisses lawsuit

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In another victory for Tesla, Elon Musk won the Twitter Layoff Lawsuit that would have made him pay out $500 million to Twitter employees.

The lawsuit was brought by the fired Twitter employee Courtney McMillian, alleging that 6000 employees were owed $500 million in severance pay.

But the judge clarified that the employees were already told that the old plan was not applicable anymore and their only option was a cash-only severance plan. The ruling stated:

After the takeover or merger, there were only cash payments promised. There were no promises to continue healthcare benefits or outplacement services provided by a third-party

Tesla stock has enjoyed 10 straight green sessions and shareholders are quite upbeat as the next month’s Robotaxi event on the 8th of August gets nearer.

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