Roaring Kitty swipes 6.6% of Chewy Inc, clarifies he is ‘Not a Cat’


Keith Gill, famously known as Roaring Kitty and DeepFuckingValue from the GameStop trading saga, has disclosed a 6.6% ownership in Chewy, Inc.

According to the June 24 United States (U.S.) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Schedule 13G filing, Gill, as an individual investor, owns 9,001,000 shares of Chewy’s Class A common stock.

In the filing, to remove any misunderstandings, Gill clarifies that he is “not a cat.”

SEC Schedule 13G filing stating that Keith Gill is in fact “not a cat”. Source:

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Taking a 6.6% bite out of Chewy stock

Chewy, Inc., is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, and Gill’s investment demonstrates Roaring Kitty satire and Chewy as the next potential GME.

The Schedule 13G filing with the SEC provides detailed information about Gill’s ownership of Chewy, filed under Rule 13d-1(c) — noting Gill’s sole voting and dispositive power over 9,001,000 shares.

This filing type is typical for investors who own more than 5% of a company’s shares but do not intend to exert control over the firm’s direction.

In this particular filing, Gill humorously confirms in a unique checkbox that he is not a cat. 

Source: unusual_whales

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Chewy repercussions

Gill’s investment in Chewy could reflect a more strategic approach as the pet-related products retailer begins to focus on market expansion and improved product offerings.

As with the GME saga, Gill’s involvement has the potential to draw attention to Chewy from investors as the filing becomes increasingly public and the satire increasingly apparent.

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Don’t be a menace to SEC central

Gill’s recent reappearance on May 13 as his famed vigilante investor alter ego, Roaring Kitty, has created volatility ripples through crypto and stock markets.

Solely from his return to the space, GME stock went up from roughly $17.46 to $48.75 per share a day later on May 14.

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