What makes an elite trader? Interview with crypto influencer Annii Snelleksz


After yet another day of volatility in the crypto market, Annii Snelleksz settles into her routine with a sense of purpose and calm. As an elite trader at Bitget and founder of the online community TradeTravelChill, she has carved out a unique space in the crypto world. 

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Her community includes over 89,000 members, all eager to learn from her extensive experience. Annii also shares her insights through online courses, personal coaching sessions, and a growing YouTube channel with 42,000 subscribers.

In a recent interview, Annii shared her thoughts on crypto trading, Bitget, and her strategies for success.

Essential features of a top-tier exchange

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When asked about the essential features of a top-tier centralized exchange, Annii’s response was brief and clear: “The ability to place trades quickly, an easy process for buying and selling crypto, and robust safety and security measures.”

Speed in executing trades is crucial in the fast-moving world of crypto, where prices can change in an instant. 

Similarly, a user-friendly interface ensures that traders, especially beginners, can navigate the platform without unnecessary complications. Safety and security, of course, are paramount in protecting assets from potential cyber threats.

Bitget’s Elite Traders campaign, which was launched in May, has provided a comprehensive platform for general or novice traders to follow the strategies of highly experienced individuals like Annii. According to her, Bitget stands out in the crowded crypto exchange market for several reasons. 

“Bitget offers a good selection of coins to trade, frequently lists new coins, and maintains strong liquidity,” she noted. The variety of available coins allows traders to diversify their portfolios, while frequent new listings keep the trading options fresh and exciting. Strong liquidity ensures that traders can enter and exit positions smoothly, without significant price slippage.

Comparing Bitget’s Spot market to other exchanges, Annii finds it particularly user-friendly. “The Spot market on Bitget is easy to use and has a good selection of cryptocurrencies,” she said. This ease of use is a significant advantage for traders who need to make quick decisions and execute trades efficiently.

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For beginners, the right tools can make all the difference.

Annii appreciates Bitget’s intuitive platform: “It’s easy to navigate, straightforward – and just perfect for new traders to learn and use efficiently. A platform that simplifies the trading process can help newcomers build confidence and competence more quickly.”

The current bull market

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Discussing the current state of the market, Annii remains optimistic. “I think we’re on track with this cycle, and the bull market should continue after a healthy correction. The market has been progressing as we expected, and there haven’t been any indications of the bullish cycle ending soon. We’re still at the early stages,” she predicted. 

Market cycles are a natural part of the trading environment, and understanding these cycles can help traders make informed decisions.

Trading strategies and token picks for 2024

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Annii’s trading strategy involves holding Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for the long term while building an altcoin portfolio during each cycle. “I don’t hold altcoins through bear markets, rather build different altcoin portfolios each cycle,” she emphasized. 

Among the tokens she is currently accumulating or planning to accumulate are Solana (SOL), Rune (RUNE), Tao (TAO), Stacks (STX), and Ondo (ONDO). Her approach reflects a balanced strategy of focusing on established cryptocurrencies while exploring the potential of emerging ones.

Annii’s pre-trade preparation is thorough and disciplined. “I use TradingView to chart every day and combine it with heatmap software that shows me where open liquidations are and high-level limit orders,” she shared. 

This combination helps her identify key pivot areas for optimal trade entries. For beginners, she recommends these tools to develop a solid foundation in technical analysis and market understanding.

Annii Snelleksz’s experience with Bitget

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Reflecting on her experience with Bitget, Annii has found it reliable and efficient. “I’ve used Bitget for a few years now. I like that I can find any crypto I want to trade, transferring crypto in and out is fast and easy, trading fees are good, and liquidity for leverage trading is solid,” she said. 

Looking ahead, she sees Bitget continuing to innovate and improve its offerings, further solidifying its position in the crypto trading space.

Non-custodial wallets by centralized exchanges

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On the trend of centralized exchanges launching non-custodial wallets, Annii offered a cautious yet insightful perspective. ” It seems that non-custodial wallets could make it easier for users to track their assets while offering more privacy,” she observed. 

This shift towards greater privacy and control aligns with the broader movement in the crypto community towards decentralized and user-controlled solutions.

Bitget’s Elite Trader program provides a unique opportunity for beginners to learn from established crypto experts like Annii. This feature is important for crypto mass adoption, as it helps lower the barrier to entry and makes complex processes more comprehensive for general traders. 

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