Ripple’s XRP poised for crazy price surges following a ‘final shakeout’


While market players anticipate the next robust bull run, financial analyst Good Morning Crypto ignited optimism in the Ripple (XRP) community.

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He expects a massive 60,000% price surge for the altcoin, suggesting that XRP mirrors a pattern seen before the 2018 all-time highs.

The attached price chart displays notable price dips before remarkable upsides.

The downtrend, known as the “final shakeout,” is where weak players quit due to bearishness.

That welcomes price surges as confident investors hold and possibly buy from discouraged ones at discounted prices.

XRP’s impressive history

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The remittance digital coin experienced significant uptrends between 2017 and 2018.

XRP hit all-time highs after climbing from $0.006 to well beyond $3 by early 2018, a staggering 60,000% jump.

Crypto expert @matthughes13 supported XRP’s anticipated 60,000% rally using Bollinger Bands.

These indicators comprise two standard deviations below and above a simple moving average (SMA).

Narrowing Bollinger Bands demonstrates faded volatility, which precedes notable price surges.

Meanwhile, the current XRP outlook confirms significantly narrowed BBs, similar to 2017.

The readings propelled Ripple’s altcoin to $3.30 ATHs as of January 2018.

Egrag Crypto also predicted a more than 7,500% price uptick for XRP, taking the alt’s value to $27.

Nevertheless, a repeat of past performance isn’t a usual thing in the crypto markets.

Several factors determine price movements, making it challenging to forecast future outcomes.

For instance, the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC has hindered XRP’s moves over the past years.

Proponents anticipate robust growth for the crypto upon resolution with the securities regulator.

XRP saw a similar pattern in late 2020 before a sevenfold surge to nearly $2 by April 2021.

Therefore, the narrowing BBs, which started in November 2022, supports the potential explosive growth in the upcoming session.

XRP’s current price action

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The alt maintained an upside stance today, up 1.90% over the past 24 hours to trade above $0.4450.

XRP 1D Chart on Coinmarketcap

XRP remains well below its ATHs, and the crypto market has struggled to maintain uptrends lately.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency industry has seen massive changes since 2017.

Shifting market dynamics & sentiments with the arrival of sectors such as memes and GameFi and regulatory scrutiny will likely influence XRP’s future trajectory.

Meanwhile, the chances of a final shakeout triggering a massive price increase for XRP remains a fascinating case for the Ripple community.

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