PEPE sees major transfer amidst price rise, Solciety’s presale progresses with community engagement


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, PEPE and Solciety are two names drawing significant attention. PEPE, a popular meme token, recently witnessed a major transfer that spurred price speculation.

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Meanwhile, Solciety, a unique crypto project known for its satirical approach to community engagement, is making waves with its ongoing presale, fostering a strong community and raising substantial funds.

Both tokens illustrate the diverse and rapidly evolving landscape of the crypto market.

PEPE whale makes major move amidst price surge

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The ether data on the July 10 showed a remarkable movement of PEPE tokens. An unidentified wallet transferred 9 trillion PEPEs worth $82 million to Bybit, a digital currency exchange. During that period of time the price of PEPE increased by 9.7% leading to speculations about future price movements.

This address is characterized by its high activity and frequent transactions. As of now, it has 100.22 ETH which is equal to $311,399 and also tokens valued at $275,325,480 spread across twenty-nine different tokens.

Besides, this wallet has made several large Ethereum transfers to Bybit’s hot wallet such as two thousand nine hundred (2,900) ETH (and so on) and multiples of nine thousand only.

Sender’s actions regard diversified trading strategies and potential liquidity management efforts. The many transactions carried out by this address reflect how calculated it is in managing its huge assets.

Whale activity and PEPE distribution

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Whale activities are very vital in the distribution and price movements of PEPE. According to IntoTheBlock, whales own significant holdings for this altcoin with one biggest holder having 12.17% share of total supply while AMBCrypto reports indicate that majority of investors own less than 1% stake in PEPE token.

Historical data suggests a positive correlation between large transaction volumes and price hikes. For instance, significant price increases followed transaction volume spikes in May 2023 and March 2024. This pattern suggests that the recent large transfer could signal a forthcoming price rise for PEPE.

Solciety: Community engagement and presale progress

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Solciety employs sharp satire as a tool for criticising leaders and elites within the crypto community. It creates and fosters a sense of community involvement through characters such as ‘Donald Pump’ and ‘Kim Wrong Un’.

Such high levels of engagement could lead to more demand for SLCTY tokens, thus prices may rise with increased community members.

With a total supply of 10,000,000,000 SLCTY tokens and 3,000,000,000 tokens available during the presale stages, the current price in stage 5 is $0.002289.

The price is set to increase to $0.002357 in the next stage. These incremental price hikes during the presale are designed to reward early investors and generate sustained interest.

Among Solciety’s strategies is the Meme Campaigner, which encourages users to create and share satirical political memes. A total of 10% of the entire supply is meant for rewards, providing an impetus for community involvement, thereby making community members key marketing agents.

Community-driven content and future prospects

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Community-driven content is a cornerstone of Solciety’s strategy. The recent announcement by Solciety on social media platform X that over $800,000 was raised demonstrates strong interest and support within the crypto community.

This success in fundraising reflects confidence in the project and suggests potential future price appreciation.

You can find out more about Solciety and its native meme token on this link.

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