Poodlana: The new trendsetter meme coin set to launch on Solana


  • Poodlana is a new fashion-centric meme coin set to launch via presale on Solana.
  • The project’s token sale will launch on July 17, 2024
  • POODL listing on DEX will come immediately after the 30-day presale.

It’s been a year of new trends in the meme coins space, with new trends beyond the original dog-themed projects creating wave after wave of demand.

While political meme coins have exploded onto the scene in this election period, Poodlana (POODL) is the new trendsetter that brings a fresh breeze of fashion-centric attention to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Specifically, Poodlana is coming to Solana on July 17.

It’s a glitzy presale that will offer crypto enthusiasts and poodle lovers the early ticket to experience the haute couture of the crypto.

What’s Poodlana?

Poodlana is a new Solana meme coin that wants to bring the glamor of high-fashion to the crypto world.

It’s the meme coin world’s front-row seat in the unfolding era of luxury-blended crypto projects. This is the crypto for enthusiasts eyeing a chic meme coin that still embraces the ethos of community-driven growth.

The Shiba inu dog captured the imagination that drove Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other top dog-themed meme coins to staggering heights.

Poodles are the other top dog breed in Asia and ranks among the top three in China, Japan, and Korea. These are three countries that don’t just love poodles; they are also trailblazers when it comes to meme coins. Notably, several projects have exploded in the Asian market before gaining traction across the globe.

One such meme coin is Chuan Pu. Dubbed the “Chinese Donald Trump coin”, Chuan Pu has raced to a 400x return for early investors. Biaoqing, another popular meme in the country, saw its market cap shoot up after it went viral in Asia.

Poodlana’s launch will likely see this type of growth or even more, particularly as poodles and high-fashion are a chic blend that radiates class and international appeal.

Poodlana’s presale approach

Innovative, transparent and tailor-made to benefit the community are descriptions very few presale projects can claim to be. But Poodlana does. Rather than have uncertain presale timelines and token listing dates, this project sets the ball rolling with a pacy 30-day token sale.

As noted above, the POODL presale goes live on July 17 and ends on August 16.

The 10-stage presale will see prices increase every 3 days, from $0.0200 in stage 1 to $0.0539 in the final stage. To make it easy for the community to participate, Poodlana will support buying with ETH, BNB, BASE, SOL, USDT and USDC. Users can also buy POODL via fiat/card payments.

Poodlana tokenomics

For tokenomics, the total supply will be 1 billion POODL tokens, 50% of which goes to the presale and the remaining split between marketing 15%, rewards 5%, partnerships 5%, treasury 10% and liquidity 15%.

100% of tokens will be unlocked on day one, and there will be no lock-ups or vesting periods. As the presale is time-defined, Poodlana will burn any unsold tokens.

According to the project team, token claims will open immediately after and Poodlana will debut on a decentralized exchange (DEX) within an hour of the presale close.

What this means is that crypto enthusiasts who join the POODL presale will know when it ends and when trading begins – no uncertainty of having to wait for token claims or listing news.

To learn more about Poodlana, visit their website.

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