Web3 gaming is ‘rocket ship’ ready to blast off, say industry execs


From young children to older adults, people love to play video games. Some play for hours on their mobile phones, while others spend thousands of dollars to custom-build the ultimate gaming PC. Either way, video games’ ability to connect people worldwide through play, cooperation and competition is readily apparent.

The rapid growth of the Web3 industry has presented another avenue for people around the world to connect and collaborate. It seems only logical, then, that these two worlds were destined to collide.

On the latest episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph, host Jonathan DeYoung speaks with executives from five gaming-focused projects — Shrapnel, Ex Populus, Saga, HyperPlay and MetalCore — to get a comprehensive understanding of how Web3 games are being developed alongside the current state of blockchain gaming and its projected future. 

Web3 gaming won’t take off until games are frictionless

One theme repeated by many of the gaming executives is that Web3 games must have frictionless gameplay that can be enjoyed by both crypto fanatics and skeptics alike in order to go mainstream.

Marc Mercuri, chief blockchain officer of Shrapnel — an upcoming extraction shooter game — shared the perspective he and his team are taking with their upcoming title. “If I just want to play this game, and it’s great, I shouldn’t even know anything about Web3,” he said.

“But if I believe in DeFi and I want to bridge my assets in and out, and I want to get this skin and take it out and get a loan against it in a DeFi protocol and all the rest of that, you should be able to do that too.”

“If you just want to play a great game — and I think that’s what a lot of us want to do, is just bring this mainstream — you got to make sure that you’ve got the super-low-friction thing for folks to get started too.”

For players who do want to dive deep into the crypto ecosystem, it’s important that they can do so with ease as well. DeYoung asked JacobC.eth, founder and CEO of HyperPlay — a Web3-enabled games store that has an integration with MetaMask — about a recent meme that went viral in the crypto community on X where a user is playing a shooter and each shot taken prompts a MetaMask popup and requires a transaction confirmation. The meme was poking fun at the sort of friction that could theoretically come with blockchain-based games.

According to JacobC.eth, onchain games can easily avoid this, such as by using account abstraction. This allows “the user to fund an in-game wallet and have their transactions automatically approved, or have them happen in the background up to the spending limits and thresholds that the user sets,” he explained. 

“Typically, most games just call the wallet when you are buying or selling an in-game asset,” JacobC.eth added. “But for the games that do have the logic onchain, like Pirate Nation or DeFi Kingdoms or Dark Forest, those games use account abstraction wallets to auto-approve the player’s transactions.”

Is Web3 gaming the key to crypto mass adoption?

On a recent episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph, Animoca Brands co-founder and chairman Yat Siu shared his belief that gaming will usher in mass adoption. So, do other gaming executives share this perspective?