US SEC is ‘bent on choking’ the crypto industry — Coinbase


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will continue its regulation-by-enforcement approach to the cryptocurrency industry for as long as it can to satisfy its goal of “choking” the industry, according to crypto exchange Coinbase.

“The SEC is serious about the destruction of digital assets,” Coinbase declared in a May 31 filing with the U.S Court of Appeals, in its ongoing effort to push the court to force the SEC to begin making fair rules for the crypto industry. Although, the exchange argues that the agency doesn’t seem willing to come to the table to establish clear and fair guidelines.

“Giving the agency further opportunity to explain itself is both pointless and exquisitely undeserved,” it added.

Source: Paul Grewal

Coinbase claimed that the SEC “has no duty” to make compliance with its rules possible and the agency believes its rules are “workable enough” because it has taken legal action against several firms in the industry already for violating them.

The exchange further told the court not to just take its word for it before reiterating the stance of various other SEC Commissioners who are also under the belief that the SEC is hindering the digital assets industry, and more broadly “welcome extinction of new technology.”

SEC believes its heavy-handed approach only poses difficulties for some

Meanwhile, Coinbase also noted that the SEC has attempted to mitigate its heavy-handed approach to the crypto industry by claiming that its rules may only pose challenges for a small segment of the industry.

“The SEC tries to minimize its oppressive stance by asserting that only a “small set of market participants” “may” experience “compliance difficulties” under “discrete provisions” of existing rules,” it claimed.

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The SEC initiated the lawsuit against Coinbase in June 2023 alleging that Coinbase has never registered as a broker, national securities exchange or clearing agency, evading the disclosure scheme for securities markets.

Coinbase has sought to have the case dismissed, yet the SEC has consistently opposed their attempts. Despite optimism from the crypto industry, and legal experts alike, that Coinbase would have the case dismissed, it wasn’t successful.

On Jan. 21, Cointelegraph reported that Bloomberg senior litigation analyst Elliott Stein forecasted a 70% chance of the exchange securing a full dismissal in the lawsuit after attending a hearing.

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