Open sourcing lets developers explore beyond initial ideas: Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet’s head of engineering, Luis Ocegueda, shared the idea behind open-sourcing its latest solution called Barz, an ERC-4337 compatible smart wallet solution. 

On May 29, Trust Wallet released Barz to help developers overcome wallet challenges and limitations and further drive Web3 adoption. The solution offers use cases like account recovery, flexible key management and signature migration.

In addition, the newly released smart wallet solution has also been open-sourced.

Chart explaining the smart wallet solution Barz. Source: Trust Wallet

In line with the crypto ethos

Open-source protocols are created to be open to the public, allowing everyone to examine, alter and share the code. This allows for more transparency and broader accessibility.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Ocegueda explained the idea behind open-sourcing Barz. According to the executive, open-sourcing the wallet solution allows them to generate a lot of trust and give users assurance.

“That kind of goes in line with crypto ethos and principles of open source in our code, making it available and decentralizing it,” he added.

Apart from this, Ocegueda also highlighted that it allows developers to explore beyond what they originally envisioned for the solution. He explained:

“Trust Wallet has its own roadmap, but taking this project that open source gives other developers a chance to do things that we may or may never had even an idea that we can do.”

The executive also believes that there are opportunities for the broader crypto community to experiment and take Barz and implement it in ways that they never considered.

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What the industry should focus on

With many new infrastructure solutions emerging within the crypto space, Cointelegraph asked Ocegueda for his thoughts on what the industry should focus on.

The executive said that it’s still “very early,” and there’s a lot of technology being developed. However, he believes the challenge is the lack of cohesion and utilization of all these tools and techniques. He said:

“We have very elegant cryptography. We have this very elegant engineering. We have an elegant consensus. But we’re still not putting this in a cohesive product or cohesive experience that really kind of changes that we have.”

Ocegueda also believes that the industry is still discussing the fundamental technologies and is not yet focusing on more of the use cases and experiences that users need. He explained that the space needs to move into a world where people don’t need to think about the wallets or databases behind their current applications.

Despite this, the executive is hopeful that users will eventually not need to worry about the technologies powering their crypto experiences.

“They won’t have to worry about what a wallet is, won’t have to ask what the blockchain is. These things will be available to people who are interested but not as a prerequisite to having an experience,” he added.

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