$4.3 million raised in presale. Is Shiba Memu set to explode in 2024?


  • Shiba Memu has raised $4.35 million amid a high-flying presale.

  • The price of Shiba Memu increases every day, delivering high ROI to early investors.

  • The value of Shiba Memu will be unlocked when the token debuts on exchanges.

As investors grow anxious about the much-anticipated Shiba Memu listing, the presale attracts more demand. The project has raised $4.359 million, a statement of the token’s potential. But how much can this token rise once listed? To get more details on the presale, you can visit the project’s webpage.

Why has Shiba Memu been spectacular in the presale?

The high demand for Shiba Memu is not by accident. Shiba Memu is the first meme project to use AI to build self-sufficiency and attain a high ROI. The project uses AI to run its marketing campaigns, enabling it to dominate online chats and attract demand. The approach differs from other meme coins, which depend on human marketing to gain traction. 

Shiba Memu will reinvent itself using AI features such as machine learning and sentiment analysis. The AI can identify market opinions on social platforms and use them to create tailored messages. This way, Shiba Memu generates interest and counters adverse messages. 

Shiba Memu is also a social meme project. Users can access an AI dashboard to learn about Shiba Memu and its marketing activities. On the AI dashboard, users ask questions and propose improvements to the project. Users earn SHMU for their contributions, incentivising them to continue building Shiba Memu. 

About Shiba Memu presale and incentives

Apart from the novel use case through AI, Shiba Memu has been attractive to investors on presale. Presales are crowdfunding activities that enable upcoming projects to raise money before going public. The project benefits from an initial capital injection, while the investors acquire tokens at a fixed low price.

Since launching the presale, Shiba Memu’s price has risen by a whopping 245%. By the time the presale ends, the price will have risen further. The price increases have been made possible by the project’s tokenomics. The tokenomics allow the SHMU price to rise daily at 6 PM GMT. The incentivised presale is an opportunity for investors to receive higher-priced tokens.

Currently, the Shiba Memu token is valued at $0.038350. The attractive price makes a strong case for investors seeking to buy the tokens before the value skyrockets. 

Can Shiba Memu hit $1 in 2024?

Shiba Memu has made an impression since launching a presale. Like some of its predecessors, the price of Shiba Memu could rise by up to 1,000% or more in 2024. This is based on trends that show that prices of newly launched tokens skyrocket after debuting on exchanges.

Shiba Memu carries a unique AI angle, which makes it a candidate for a 10x gain. Meme cryptocurrencies also experience intense speculation after listing. Shiba Memu could replicate the gains given the early demand for the project.

A potential $1 price means Shiba Memu should rise by more than 1,000%. Although such a prediction is overambitious, it is attainable. For example, PEPE rose by 10,000% when listed earlier in the year. If Shiba Memu attracts a similar interest, a price of $1 is realistic for 2024 after listing.

Is Shiba Memu worth buying now?

Although Shiba Memu has made a significant leap since launching the presale, a lot remains to be made. The project has 56 days before the presale ends. Investors can profit from the daily price increases by buying the token now. 

Another advantage is the potential post-listing surge. Since Shiba Memu’s price is controlled through its tokenomics in presale, gains post-listing could be huge. Early backers will have made a fortune by the time investors start discovering Shiba Memu on exchanges. The benefits are an addition to investing in a long-term focused project based on the AI application. 

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