Hartford Police seized $20,000 from a Bitcoin ATM after it was linked to a fraud – WFSB


(WFSB File Photo)

(WFSB File Photo)
HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The Hartford Police Department’s Fraud Unit seized $20,000 from a Bitcoin ATM located on 71 Market Street. This seizure was a part of their fraud investigation.
This investigation began after an elderly victim was tricked into an online fraud scheme and was instructed to place funds into the machine.
The Hartford Police Department would like to warn the public to not follow instructions from someone you have never met and send them payment via cryptocurrency ATM.
The Hartford Police also recommends to not respond to a caller from an unknown number who claims to be a company representative and demands cryptocurrency.
If you believe you were the victim of a cryptocurrency ATM scam, please contact your local police department.
This is an active investigation. Police are asking anyone with any information about this case to call the Hartford Police Department Tip Line at (860) 722-8477.
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