New York has the highest share in the US crypto job market: study


Around 53% of crypto jobs are dispersed in relatively small chunks across the country

A study conducted by employment services provider company LinkedIn has revealed that cryptocurrency-related jobs in the United States don’t have a single hub. The well-dispersed nature of the crypto job market can be seen as a reflection of the decentralised vision of the industry itself.

The study defined crypto hire as any United States-based LinkedIn job posting that matched the keywords crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solidity between January 2021 and September 2021. 

Considering that the crypto and blockchain industry can be understood as an intersection of finance and technology, finance hub New York and tech hub San Francisco naturally reported the most crypto hires. Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago were other prominent pockets for crypto job opportunities.

However, though metropolises have been at the forefront of crypto hires, around 53% of crypto jobs are spread in relatively small chunks across the country. This can be seen as both the result of the industry’s efforts to reject traditional boundaries and the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic in improving the condition for work-from-home openings.

The study also highlighted the impact of cryptocurrency on mid-sized metropolitan areas. In cities like Austin, Denver, Raleigh and Salt Lake City, for every 100,000 LinkedIn members, at least two people were hired in crypto jobs. In contrast, despite having an 18.3% share in the crypto job market, New York hired an average of 2.8 people for every 100,000 LinkedIn members.

Crypto technology services company Anchorage co-founder Diogo Mónica stated that decentralised organisational structures are enabling the creation of a remote workforce, especially in crypto companies.  

Explaining the benefits of his company’s policy of hiring from around the world, Mónica stated that a fully remote workforce “means cities and states with lower taxes, great infrastructure, and quick access to an international airport”

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