BlockApps and Bayer launch TraceHarvest, an agribusiness blockchain network


TraceHarvest can be leveraged for impactful use cases such as carbon offset crediting to food safety recalls, promoting both sustainability and consumer well-being

BlockApps, the leading provider of blockchain technology for business networks, announced the launch of TraceHarvest, an agribusiness blockchain network aimed at revolutionising the management of agricultural products.

The Ethereum based business network was developed by BlockApps in collaboration with Bayer, the leading tech innovator in the agriculture industry.  The TraceHarvest platform is expected to set new standards in sustainability, enhance food quality, and drive digital transformation in the agriculture industry.

In a press release last week, BlockApps stated that Bayer has been using the network for customer-facing operations over the past two years in various countries including the United States and Brazil, with further plans to expand globally. Bayer used TraceHarvest over the course of several growing seasons to track the lifecycle of the company’s highest-value agricultural products from sale and planting through harvest, the company explained.

The network was successful in providing full visibility into the source of the crops and streamlined engagement across stakeholders. The real-time information exchange allowed all parties to identify and address product tracking and integrity issues faster than previous manual processes, the press release stated.

The company added that the TraceHarvest network is the first blockchain solution that enables farmers, manufacturers, distributors and processors to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products and review data within a single and secure platform.

Further, TraceHarvest can help bring agricultural products to market faster and enable the safe launch of new products in approved regions by tracing them accurately to provide strong proof of compliance with international regulations, BlockApps explained.

The TraceHarvest Network runs on BlockApps’ cloud-agnostic STRATO platform, a flexible, enterprise-grade, Ethereum-based blockchain solution for building and running business networks with built-in security.

“Blockchain technology is already revolutionising the agriculture industry, and we’re leading the way thanks to our partnership with the Crop Science Division at Bayer which has turned this concept from idea into reality”, said Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO at BlockApps.

Michael Pareles, Digital Strategy and Growth Lead at Bayer Crop Science stated that the “Use of TraceHarvest in production has allowed us to drive operational efficiencies, create value and have greater visibility, transparency and compliance throughout the entire food supply and value chain”.

The scalability and flexibility of the global platform will enable farmers of all sizes to access new markets and services, increasing their livelihoods through the ability to offer new premium products, the press release explained.

“By enabling the traceability of products throughout the food supply chain, TraceHarvest will provide a basis for new solutions and services around the food quality and transparency questions that are top-of-mind for farmers and consumers”, said Sascha Israel, Bayer Crop Science CIO and Head of Digital Transformation.

Written by Harshini Nag 

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